How is DermMatch different from hair building fibers, sprays and other hair enhancers?

If you have tried hair building fibers, aerosols or any other corrector for hair loss, you’ll love DermMatch. It looks better, lasts better, and is cleaner and costs less to use. We guarantee it. DermMatch is the only hair enhancer with a precision applicator. It is the only one that conceals and lifts the hair shafts of all your hair, with herbal thickening agents. It’s the only hair enhancer that allows you to swim, sweat or brush your hair. Among the solid enhancers, it lasts longest and costs least.

What is it, exactly?

DermMatch is a hair enhancer that conceals areas that are bald or of low hair density. It is made in a compact powdered formula, it is safe and healthy for hair and skin. It is full of emollients and herbal ingredients that soften and hydrate the scalp. DermMatch only contains safe colours.

How does it work?

DermMatch is composed of herbal ingredients that coat every hair, thicken the hair and bring spectacular fullness. DermMatch causes bald or low density areas to disappear.

How long does it last?

Each application lasts until you wash and scrub with shampoo. Each DermMatch container (a disc) lasts on average 8 months. All other existing hair enhancers last much less than DermMatch and come off more easily. Hair shafts, aerosols and other enhancers for hair loss don’t last as long as DermMatch.

How many colours are there?

There are eight DermMatch colours which can all be combined with each other. This allows it to match any natural hair colour.

Is it really water resistant?

DermMatch is totally water resistant to sea water, pool water, heavy rainfall, wind and sweat. It does not require any type of hairspray.